Night Howl

by Flamingos

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released May 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Flamingos Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Flamingos is the one-man project of Chris Coulton, Philadelphia

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Track Name: Emerald
I, I was tied up in the middle, looking for a reason
just to get out of the free world, nothing ever surely coming along
you were not a good thing, had me riding in your rocket
up to the atmopshere, and tell me that you feel it
in the caverns and the callous coves

When I look around for the symmetry
and in the dark your reason is haunting me alone
I see it glowing high above me, high above me
on and on I wait for a miracle
but nothing ever comes, it's only just to show
I exist with everyone here, everyone I know

In the silver night, in the hazy light

I, I can feel my bamboo blood itching to be free
I wake up on the first day, I was just a drifter out in the sun
but I could never turn back on the way I'm walking
underneath the wild sky
if we could just do that tell me it's the simplest of lies
when you pass by

It was all just a dream, floating through my window
wrapping radiant arms of light inside my head
nothing's what it seems, I'm chasing my own shadow
my eyes are wide and turning to see what I had
Track Name: Cosmic Canyon
I never wanted to waste time, nothing is abondoned yet
I could never keep it all in my eyes, the earth won't let me forget
holding in a steady wind, stampedes are running through my brain
in a flowing line, I never seem to find you
in the monsoon rain

Tell me, tell me why
a shadow in the way
is all I see in my dune visions
echoes howling in my mind
I feel it in the the day
I see it/a city where it shines like heaven
echoes howling all the time

I never wanted to waste breathe, looking for the truth myself
it all seemed much easier to chase after something else
waiting on a summoned sign, I remember hazy calm
we were simply young, like fugutives we run
deep underneath the palms
Track Name: Mumbai
A rumor on the rain, a shadow in the peaks
I was so afriad at the thought of you and me
feeling here again what I was; my past it lurks and creeps

A spectre in the dark, a presence in the light
high above a spark where it made me come alive
the darkest tribal sin is what I feel in my electric dreams

I watched you on the trees, shining with apathy
I sensed you hiding in the call
Burning on ahead, turning to me and said "the velvet spirits fall"

A whisper in the cold, a knocking on a door
I was never told, standing here before
a moonbeam caving in appears to be the only thing I've been
something moves me still; a timid, empty tone
I heard it speak until you knew I was alone
the darkest tribal sin is what I feel in my electric dreams
Track Name: Aztec
On my way, I've been wrong before
hiding high above the sun and waves
I don't want to float here anymore
Western dreams, I could taste that wind
blowing back along the balmy beams
I could feel the glimmer down below

When phantom claws have hung me out to dry, I wait for a beginning
when the shell I was walked out into the light, a hope is waving
high above the void I had to tell the record right, when dusk is setting
I can feel the congo call me deep into the night

Mind's away; spins to fill my time
if we could only feel the brightest day
but I've been so afraid to take your climb
my last regret is the apathy inside my bones
something lurking isn't over yet,
I'm looking for a weight I once had known

I wait for a radiant light, when I can feel you calling out
I wait for a radiant light, when I can feel you calling out
I wait for a radiant light, when I can feel you calling out
I wait for a radiant light
Track Name: Prelude
I wait up, I'll never take it
I make up my rules now
I wake up, it's never telling all your truth
'cause I remember

Riding in your front seat, bluebirds all around me
heaven in the air and a sparkle at your fingers
we listen to the hum of the gold apache sun
beating down on the horizon; I'm already gone
rolling in the heat wave, midnight at the first bay
floating in a fountain away inside our jungle
in wonder as you drive, show me where I come alive
I was always right in front of the wakes in your own mind

It's all on my mind, I've been dying just to know
when they're haunting my world, where does everybody go?
A place left for me to trace it back into the dark inside my waking world